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The History of Bachendorf’s

   For the past four generations and over 100 years, the Bock family tradition has been creating fine jewelry.  Abram Bock learned the trade as an apprentice in 1900 in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he married the daughter of his jewelry instructor.  Abram moved to Memel, Germany in 1928 where he had a flourishing jewelry business.

   Abram, his son Harry and his daughter, Ali, came to Dallas in 1947 where Abram’s four brothers had settled before the war.   Abram opened A. Bock Manufacturing Jeweler (now known as Bock Jewelry Co., Inc.) in a downtown Dallas storefront in 1948 and started his business repairing jewelry.  As the business grew, Abram began selling diamonds, using his connections in Belgium from before the war. During this time, Abram’s son Harry was busy learning to speak English, and six years after his arrival in America he graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri with a major in retailing.  

   After college, Harry returned to Dallas and worked for other retail jewelry stores until he joined his father’s business in 1955.  Harry learned the jewelry business under his father’s watchful eye and found that he had a special gift for the purchasing and marketing of diamonds.  He made his first buying trip to Belgium in 1962 and helped his father grow his business.

   Harry took over his father’s business when Abram passed away in 1968.  Harry opened the first Bachendorf’s store in 1977 and ran the family business until he passed away in 2010.  Harry’s son, Lawrence, carries on the family businesses upholding the Bock family values of loyalty, honesty and quality as their foundation.  It is these family values that will continue the Bachendorf’s jewelry tradition for generations to come.