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Bachendorf’s cares for each piece with the utmost, superior and professional care. Bachendorf’s services include jewelry appraisals that are offered at our boutique locations. Jewelry appraisal services can provide peace of mind for customers during unfortunate or life-changing events. Bachendorf’s highly-qualified jewelry appraisers are unbiased when it comes to assigning value through the appraisal process, so customers are assured that they’re getting the fairest appraisal possible for their item in every situation.

 The reasons to have jewelry appraised are abundant, but with each scenario it is critical to find someone trustworthy and qualified. It is often necessary to receive an accurate appraisal for insurance replacement, divorce, collateral, a professional report suitable for submission in court, estate tax, donation, casualty loss, reports to assist in tax filing, and equitable distribution for division of collections to family members.

 Here are a few instances where a jewelry appraisal from Bachendorf’s may be helpful:

Filing an insurance claim. This is the number one reason that people have jewelry appraised. No one wants to think about family heirloom getting stolen, lost, or damaged. However, these things do happen, and when they do, an insurance company will get involved. They’ll need an accurate assessment of the ring’s value from an independent third party. A jewelry appraisal from Bachendorf’s will go a long way toward getting fair compensation for the missing or damaged ring.

It’s a good idea to have valuable jewelry and watches appraised each time you change insurance companies. Make sure you understand whether your homeowner’s insurance covers these items or not. Often high-quality jewelry items require a separate insurance policy to ensure coverage and full replacement value if the item is lost or stolen.

 Working with an inheritance, planning an estate, or setting up a trust.A jewelry appraisal from Bachendorf’s can be invaluable when planning your estate, determining how to equally distribute assets among heirs, or when gifting jewelry to a beloved relative or friend. Attach the appraisal to the will or trust document, and keep all documentation updated. Handling this one detail ahead of time may provide a modicum of comfort to those left behind.

 Going through a divorce. Divorce can be a messy process, made more so when two parties fight over valuable items such as jewelry and watches. An up-to-date jewelry appraisal gives the court the information it needs to equitably divide the property involved.

 Getting married or remarried. Combining households and property is a happy though sometimes stressful and difficult process, especially in the case of a second marriage where both parties may already have established and fully-functioning households. Many couples put pre-nuptial agreements into place ahead of the big day, and a jewelry appraisal is very helpful in this situation.

 Liquidating assets. Life doesn’t always go as planned. In the event that you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to liquidate assets, having all jewelry pieces and watches appraised by a trusted and reputable jewelry appraiser--like the jewelry appraisers at Bachendorf’s--will ensure that you get a fair price for your valuables during the liquidation process.

 Creating a personal jewelry catalog. The value of certain jewelry items can vary from year to year based on market conditions and consumer trends. A solid jewelry appraisal gives you not only the replacement market value of your jewelry item, but also a detailed, accurate description of the item. If you’re fortunate enough to have several heirloom-quality items that would be difficult to describe or to replace, have every item appraised. Create a personal jewelry catalogue that details every piece. You’ll sleep better at night.

 Bachendorf’s is pleased to offer this valuable service in the Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex. If you have jewelry appraisal needs or have questions about this service, please contact us or stop by one of our boutique locations. We’re always happy to speak with our customers about their jewelry or watch