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Roberto Coin

Creative extraordinaire Roberto Coin founded the company that would bear his name in 1977 in Vicenza, the city of Gold. He launched his brand in 1996 and quickly attained success. Four years after the brand’s birth, Roberto Coin came in seventh on the list of best-known jewelry places in the United States, and by 2002, he was third internationally and first among Italian jewelers. His spirit and passion for exploring the beauty and elegance of femininity translate into each piece he creates.

Coin draws inspiration from a mix of cultures and ethnicities, from echoes from the past and projections into the future. In 1996, he began signing his jewels by placing a small ruby hidden on the inside of each piece. Today, that tradition still serves as a gift of good wishes from Coin to any woman who is lucky enough to wear one of his exclusive creations. His explorations of colors, lights and shapes allow for an element of unprecedented brilliance in his pieces.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]