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Rina Limor

Jewelry designer Rina Limor has always had a passion for beauty, color and all things “one of a kind”. Her use of rare and captivating gemstones coupled with a keen sense of style produces year after year stunning jewelry collections that turn women into collectors. Established in 1976 as J.R. Gold Designs and located in the heart of New York City, Rina and her company have created a formidable name in an industry sparkling with talent and diversity.

Rina’s earlier career was filled with frequent travels to Italy to source materials, and journeys around the world in search of inspiration which paved the way for the creation of her designer line, Rina Limor Fine Jewelry. Rina continues to find inspiration for her unique designs in the sensual glamour of the Italian culture and the pursuit of life’s pleasures known as “La Dolce Vita – “The Good Life” – the carefree lifestyle made famous by Fellini’s legendary film that preached that life should be lived to its fullest.

Today Rina Limor Fine Jewelry includes a Signature Collection of fashion-forward designs filled with exciting colorful gemstones in bold combinations, organic and glamorous shapes, accented with diamonds and other bold colored stones.