18KYG/PT950 Ruby(3RU=.50) Diamond (4DI=.43) “Air-setting” Ring - Bachendorf's
Designer - SUWA

18KYG/PT950 Ruby(3RU=.50) Diamond (4DI=.43) “Air-setting” Ring

December 18th, 2014 by admin

Three round rubies measuring 4 and 3 millimeters and four 3.4-and 2.7-millimeter round brilliant diamonds are alternately prong set at slightly different heights in this ring. The rubies and diamonds are set with their table surfaces as close to parallel to the others as possible. The setting holds them as if in mid-air, allowing maximum light to enter them and bringing out their beauty. The Gem Quality rubies are heated stones from Mong Hsu in Myanmer, and are beautiful and free of defects. The yellow gold prongs are carefully given a small, rounded finish in this gorgeous ring

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